Jen Wofford helps organizations thrive. Jen offers campaign strategy and management skills, leads groups through strategic planning, coaches leaders, guides organizations through assessment, mapping and change initiatives. Jen offers an adaptive, agile leadership model for managing organizational change. Jen is an approved consultant for the Ford Foundation’s Organizational Mapping Tool for BUILD grantees. As a consultant, Jen works with organizations at the state and national level, with foundations, and with community and advocacy projects.

Jennifer Wofford speaking to organization

Jen’s passion is helping organizations working for economic justice and social justice. Jen brings a unique skillset to organizational consulting, having spent over 18 years as a director and manager leading progressive state legislative and political campaigns, building unusual coalitions, working with labor unions, and organizing community events. As a campaign manager, Jen was known for her enthusiasm, energy and drive, good instincts, relational abilities, and bringing invigorating leadership to new initiatives. Jen works intuitively with a good sense of what approach or solution may be needed in a specific situation.

Jen has trained with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the Strozzi Institute for embodied leadership, the Leadership Agility 360, Robert Gass’ Transformational Consulting program, and is a graduate of Georgetown University’s program on Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership.

In addition to consulting, Jen has a passion for running campaigns for social and economic justice. After the 2016 election, Jen helped build a large resistance mobilization, and was a leader at the state level.

Jennifer Wofford working with a large organization

Most recently, Jen completed a six-month engagement helping an organization address internal tensions of both interpersonal dynamics and structural rifts that had immobilized the organization. Her consulting work involved helping heal the rifts, address the structural options, and work with interpersonal and leadership challenges. In the past year, Jen also completed a six-month project working with 150 staff, the Director and senior leadership team of a large immigrant rights advocacy organization, assessing organizational growth, internal communication, and staff development needs, and recommending new approaches for a more engaged staff and effective organization. She also worked with the Institute for Policy Studies and Americans for Tax Fairness on the campaign to oppose the Trump/Republican (TCJA) tax cuts, as a campaign consultant.

Jen is a consultant for the Ford Foundation’s BUILD grantees where she facilitates and leads the Organizational Mapping Tool and assists groups with organizational strengthening.

Jen currently consults to the Institute for Policy Studies’ Program on Inequality in Boston, Massachusetts.

Jen’s recent organizational consulting and Ford Foundation grantee clients include:

Americans for TaxFairness
CASA de Maryland
Ford Foundation
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC
Institute for Policy Studies
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Council of La Raza
Foundation for Louisiana