In these really challenging times, I am here to support and help. Each of us may feel additional stress, worries, and find ourselves reacting at moments. Couples may find additional tensions while trying to manage the new world we are in. Families may need additional support right now. We are facing unusually tough circumstances that affect all of us. I am here to help and support and guide. With all my clients, I always say that I'm here as much or as little as you may need. We are all in this crisis together, and with our collective spirit we will support each other through this difficult moment. I have recently added "Resources" which I hope may be helpful to you. These are resources that I actively turn to for guidance, support, and nurturing of our hearts and souls. I hope these may be of use for you, and let you feel supported.

Couples & Individual Counseling

Do you long to feel more connected in your relationship? Are you ready to resolve old patterns, and feel better about yourself? I help people and couples work through challenges and emerge more confident, happy and peaceful. You can experience greater freedom to be yourself, and more comfort in your important relationships. My work helps you quickly identify your core patterns, overcome a harsh inner critic, improve your most important relationships, understand and resolve old conflicts and trauma, integrate inside, and feel good.

Organizational Consulting

Leadership Coaching and Consulting
Jen works with social justice organizations on strategic planning, organizational mapping and assessment, campaign strategy and management skills, and change initiatives. Jen is an approved consultant for the Ford Foundation where she leads organizations through the Organizational Mapping Tool, and she assists social justice groups with organizational strengthening.
Couples Counseling
Individual Therapy
Leadership Coaching
Consulting to Organizations