Jen Wofford worked at a senior level for over 15 years in advocacy, organizing, and state legislative issue campaigns, working for a range of groups from legal services to labor unions.  Jen directed state organizations, managed unusual coalitions, and won legislative issue campaigns, organizing campaigns, and electoral campaigns. She then embarked on a second career as a counselor, therapist and coach, and sought advanced training in couples counseling and individual therapy methods.

In recent years, Jen has expanded her work and training into Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership, completing the Georgetown University program of that name, as well as training with the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the Strozzi Institute of embodied leadership, and the Leadership Agility 360. Jen has consulted to small nonprofit projects, foundations, and large advocacy organizations. She works with Executive Directors, elected leaders, development directors, advocates, lawyers, and organizers.

Most recently, Jen completed a project working with 150 staff, the E.D. and leadership team of a large immigrant rights advocacy organization, assessing organizational growth, internal communication, and staff development needs, and recommending new approaches for for a more engaged staff and effective organization.

As a counselor, Jen uses advanced methods of therapy and coaching that quickly helps clients identify core issues and patterns, understand and resolve conflicts, and feel better fast.

Jen has been in private practice as a couples counselor and therapist since 2005.

Advanced Training

Jen holds a BA, cum laude, from Macalester College, 1989; a Masters in Social Work from Catholic University, 2002; and a certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University, 2016.