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About Jen

About Jen

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I am here to help. I love my work. I focus on healing relationships, helping people thrive and grow, and helping organizations become internally stronger and resolve tensions. I am blessed to have two skillsets from two careers.

My first career was as an organizer and advocate for social justice and economic justice campaigns. I worked for mission-driven organizations, beginning in 1989, and led campaigns at a senior level. After more than 15 years, I returned to graduate school to complete an M.S.W. and launch into a second career as a psychotherapist. My work as a therapist continues to be a great blessing, and I am available to work as deeply as someone wants, as well as offer practical and useful guidance. As a counselor and therapist for more than 20 years I enthusiastically and skillfully share the advanced methods of therapy and coaching. My work quickly helps clients identify core issues and patterns, understand and resolve conflicts, and feel better fast. I practice in a more experiential manner, (because having an insight alone does not bring change or relief of old stuck patterns). Instead, I offer methods which strive to give clients an experience of themselves that is different, stronger, clearer, self-led, embodied, expansive, and reaching significant relief quickly, with more freedom to be yourself and live more happily and peacefully.

Among the advanced methods I offer to clients are: to work with their inner parts (using Internal Family Systems), embodied experiences for trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing) and Imagery and ego state work, moment to moment processing (CIMBS), and advanced meditation and Spiritual counseling. Much of my work helps to heal relationships, and I work with couples counseling offering my training in methods such as the Imago Relationship Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman Method, and Nonviolent communication method. I regularly help couples rebuild connection and presence, and navigate difficult terrain, and engage in their relationships with more wisdom and peace. I work daily with clients who are ready to heal old traumas and live more fully. The first advanced training I completed post-graduate was at the Washington School of Psychiatry’s clinical program on psychotherapy practice. Since 2002, I’ve completed several advanced, post-graduate clinical trainings and certifications in Imago Relationship Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems, Somatic Imagery and Ego State work, RAIN, Buddhist therapy, Phenomenology, Gottman method, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

I also have a passion and skillset for helping organizations and people thrive and live more fully. I offer Organizational Consulting, where I bring organizing and O.D. consulting skills to support organizations with change initiatives, organizational mapping, internal dynamics and tensions, and strategic planning.

In recent years, I expanded my work into Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership, completing the Georgetown University program of that name, as well as training with Robert Gass in the Art of Transformational Consulting, the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the Strozzi Institute of embodied leadership, and the Leadership Agility 360. I’ve had the great privilege to consult to mission-driven nonprofits, foundations, and large advocacy organizations. I’ve worked with Executive Directors, staff at all levels, as well as elected leaders, advocates, lawyers, and organizers. A few recent consulting projects include working as a consultant for the Ford Foundation where I facilitate and lead the Organizational Mapping Tool for the Ford Foundation’s Build grantees; consulting to help a spiritual organization resolve internal conflicts and chart new directions; strategic planning with a Black-led racial justice group in the South; and working with a large immigrant rights advocacy group helping the staff and leadership team assess organizational growth, internal communication, staff development, and recommending new approaches for a more engaged staff and effective organization.

Jen holds a BA, cum laude, from Macalester College, 1989; a Masters in Social Work from Catholic University, 2002; and a certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University, 2016.


Jen Wofford Master of Ceremonies

Jen Wofford organized and led the Town Hall forum:
How the People and Congress can stop a lawless President on February 26th 2017,
with four Congressmen, US Senators, County Councilors, state legislators, two stages, and 3,000 people.

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Jen appeared on Let’s Talk Live in 2010