Jennifer Wofford

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Jen, You responded to my listserv inquiry seeking a couples therapist for my IFS client and her partner. I just wanted to let you know that I’m blown away by the significant changes that they have experienced in only, I think, three sessions. You are amazing!!!”
Anna Remen, PhD

“I can’t tell you enough how you have helped me rethink my life, my decisions & vocalize my feelings.”

“Thanks again for your guidance and support both during our couples counseling and after. You helped me learn very important lessons about myself and my life is forever changed and better for it.”

“I feel like a different person. Life was oppressive. I felt like my life was falling apart at every moment; I was anxious, unable to sleep, and had depression. It was stultifying and physically painful. Relationships with men seemed impossible. Jen helped me see how to recognize triggers of anxiety and my underlying perfectionism. I learned how to be nice to myself and improved my relationship with myself and those close to me. I now feel like a different person.”

“I was experiencing acute anxiety and depression, exhaustion, and sadness/emptiness. I felt pretty hopeless and empty. and I wanted the “old” me back. I felt significant relief very soon after beginning our therapy. Now, I feel like I faced the problems, worked through them, and let them go. I found a lot of the visualizations and imagery very useful, as well as the release of anxiety. I feel great now, very positive about my life and my relationships and excited and hopeful for the future.”

“I feel stronger, safer, and loved. I feel I have a better perspective and more tools to handle situations. Jen gave me permission to express feelings and thoughts in a non-judgmental place and helped me work through emotional challenges. I’ve changed the voice in my head and am able to take action to get what I want and need, as well as learned self-care.”

“I felt depressed, trapped, hopeless and joyless in my life due to my wife’s troubles and my giving control of my feelings over to her. Jen helped me to SEE what was really going on and encouraged me to take control of my life and feelings. I feel great relief from the depression and from feeling trapped. I now have permission to focus on myself and I feel confident and in control of my feelings, i.e., taking responsibility for feeling them, expressing them, and taking actions/decisions that I consciously accept.”

“I was having panic attacks with increasing frequency. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in. The panic attacks stopped almost immediately after working with Jen. I surprised myself at my ability to work through the imagery and old patterns. I feel great now, open, ready to take on whatever comes along. You changed my life entirely. I can’t thank you enough.”

“The most useful thing Jen did was helping me focus on my feelings. It had never occurred to me that I could address my feelings directly to my girlfriend and end a cycle of hurting each other.”

“I felt bad about myself, I didn’t trust people and felt very jaded and cynical. I now feel relieved of the troubling symptoms I came in with, and feel now that I deserve to be happy and that I am a beautiful person.”

“Thank you for all your help over the last several months. I gained so much from therapy including new found confidence and tools to continue building that confidence.”

“I came to therapy experiencing depression, sadness, an inability to connect, and feeling overwhelmed. I had a persistent feeling that my life was destined to be disappointing. Therapy with Jen was very useful — we tackled the depression and negative self-talk in a way that now allows me to approach life from a place of strength. I no longer feel that I have no control over my life, and the negative thoughts and feelings have stopped.”

“I feel like I have a lot of tools now to treat myself more compassionately and I have a lot more ways to work on my unkind thinking. I feel like a work in progress but absolutely headed in the right direction now.”

“I used to think that the best I could imagine for myself was to be a leaf frozen in an ice block. I now feel like a completely different person, like a towel unfurled, flapping in the breeze, open, comfortable with myself, and deeply happy with my life.”

I am a transformed person.