Jennifer Wofford

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

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If you’re ready to grow and evolve, I’m ready to work with you. I work with clients who want to live more fully, who are ready for more satisfying relationships, who want to heal from their past, and face their challenges. Some clients I see are struggling with a harsh inner critic, others are avoiding or stuffing their feelings down, and others are ready to resolve their past traumas. My therapy methods help address these personal challenges directly so that you can begin to feel better fast and connect to your true core energy which is whole and good.

I feel great relief from the depression and from feeling trapped. I now feel confident and in control of my feelings.

I offer therapy for adults with warmth, compassion, and the advanced skills to help challenge the old harmful patterns, and undo entangled behaviors that hold you back. I also teach clients advanced meditation skills that get you connected to the greater field of awareness. And I offer spiritual counseling to interested clients who request this, particularly ministers and pastoral leaders. I help clients experience greater freedom in themselves, and greater freedom in their relationships and in their lives.

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Among the methods I use are: working with the different parts of us and helping the parts integrate with self leadership (called Internal Family Systems); healing past traumas (using Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Imagery and Ego State work); transforming the harsh inner critic (using Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, and Complex Integration of Multiple Brain Systems); and increasing the ability to develop and sustain a healthy connection and attachment to others.

I feel like I faced the problems, worked through them, and let them go.

Many of my clients report they feel significantly better after the first few sessions, and feel transformed into stronger, happier people within a year.

As a licensed, clinical provider, Jen’s professional services qualify for reimbursement under most health insurance plans.

Jen has been a therapist since 2002, and has held a private practice office since 2005.

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